My Passion

My passion is helping clients explore, navigate and redirect how anxiety, major life transitions, mood disorders, self-esteem, and other co-occurring mental health concerns impact all aspects of their lives.  I particularly enjoy working with people who are undergoing major transitions and changes in their life situations- whether children and parents leaning into school-age issues, adolescence, or puberty; young adults transitioning to adult responsibilities, university life, and studies; adjustment to recent mother or fatherhood; dealing with the strain of mid-life transitions; late-life adjustment and coping with age-related changes; grieving the loss of loved ones (including pets).  I am passionate about providing psychoeducation and family support for individuals recently diagnosed with severe mental health issues; teaming with parents to advocate for children and teens who need educational accommodations and therapeutic interventions to enhance their daily lives; supporting individuals with Obsessive-Compulsive and other anxiety disorders with CBT, desensitization, and ERP; teaching emotional regulation, social and life skills to individuals diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder); and providing assertiveness training to all of my clients via the Non-Violent Communication Model.  I'm honored to be on an uplifting empowerment journey with clients who seek effective, practical strategies for personal and familial growth.

Image by Ravi Roshan