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What Therapy is Like

At certain times in our lives, we can all benefit from the objective, compassionate guidance and healing that therapy provides. The process and experience differs for everyone, but one thing is always the same: it takes place in a warm, safe, caring environment and is a collaborative process based on the relationship between clients and myself.   I will always hold a safe space for you and honor your processing, which includes learning to give yourself the grace and self-compassion necessary to move forward.  I approach sessions with a conversational style that is professional, yet casual and comfortable for clients of all ages and stages of life.  Some people choose to use their time in sessions to talk about or vent feelings, others to explore the origin of a maladaptive coping mechanism, some like to leave with resources or "homework" assignments to complete between meetings- regardless of your preferences, your treatment goals are always kept at the center of our experience together.  I am currently offering meeting options for both telehealth via a HIPAA-compliant platform, and in-person at my office in Downtown Orlando.

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